Frequently asked questions

How do I submit my audio tracks for mix/master?

For mixing: If possible, provide the raw recorded tracks without any effects. Please refer to your DAW´s manual to get your tracks exported in the highest possible quality. For mastering: Please make sure you export your mix at the highest possible quality and also make sure the track isn´t clipping and level peaks stay well below 0 dBFS throughout the length of the track.

What else do I need to send?

The more information you can provide, the better the results will be. Describe your vision for the song. Name reference songs of a similar genre that inspire you and that you love the sound of. Include a rough mix of the song if available.

How long does it take for my mix/master to be completed?

After placing an order for mixing/mastering, you will usually receive your finished mix/master within 2 to 3 workdays. Depending on our schedule and current workload, we will work out a deadline together that you can rely on.

What if I don't like the result or want something changed?

I include 3 free revisions with all mixing and mastering projects. This is sufficient for 90% of clients to achieve a great result that they are happy with. If for any reason, you need more than 3 revisions, they will be billed on an individual basis as necessary. If I make my own revision, or there is a mistake, it will not count against your 3 included revisions.

What files will I receive when my project is completed?

Final mixes or master files can be obtained in the following formats: - WAV (16 Bit, 24 Bit or 32 Bit Float) - MP3 (320 kB/s)

How does payment work?

When placing an order, you will receive an invoice with a link to payment options via paypal. Cash and Venmo payments are also accepted.

What if my songs require editing or vocal tuning?

I offer timing and vocal tuning services. But please be aware that every musician/band/song is different, so a statement of what is necessary, as well as the price, can only be made after assessment of your recorded material. Please reach out in order for me to make an assessment of what your particular project.

Why should I hire you to mix my project?

I would say that a perfect mix consists of a good blend of both technical and artistic/creative expertise.